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Program - Preliminary List of Invited Speakers

Invited Lectures

Bossis G., Kchit N., Lancon P., Meunier A., Volkova O., Zubarev A. Mechanical and electrical properties of magnetorheological elastomers in relation with percolating microstructures
Buldt G. Structure and Function of Retinal Proteins
Chushkin Y., Wandersman E., Dubois E., Robert A., Perzynski R. Anisotropic under-field ferroglasses
Gordeliy V. Membrane Proteins: Molecular Mechanisms of Signal Transduction and Ion Transport
Lebedev V.T. Structure and self-assembly of fullerene-containing molecular systems
Raikher Yu.L. Heat generation in ensembles of ferromagnetic nanoparticles under AC field
Raikher Yu.L., Stepanov V.I., Zakhlevnykh A.N. Mean-field model for the phase transition in ferronematics
Vorobiev A., Snigireva I., Konovalov O., Khassanov A. Size-dependent ordering of magnetic nanoparticles in Langmuir layers: in-situ characterization by the grazing incidence X-ray scattering
Weber R., Kantorovich S., Holm C. Two simple microscopic models for ferogels: a simulation approach
Zubarev A.Yu., Safronov A.P. To the theory of magnetodeformation of ferrogels and ferroelastomers

Oral session

Balasoiu M., Bica I., Vorobiev A., Narayanan T., Fernandez M., Choi H.J.,       Raikher Yu.L. Investigation of magnetorheological silicone rubber-based elastomers by means of synchrotron USAXS
Balasoiu M. and Anghel L. Inorganic bacterial nanoparticles-structural investigations
Borin D. Yu., Stepanov G. V., Bakhtiiarov A., Odenbach S. Magneto-mechanics and rheology of the soft magnetoactive elastomers with complex filler
Kashevsky B.E., Zholud A.M., Kashevsky S.B. A new magnetophoretic method for measuring magnetic properties of dia-and paramagnetic particles and cells
Kashevsky B.E., Kashevsky S.B., Terpinskaya T.I., Ulashchik V.S. In-vitro and in-vivo evaluation of magnetic hyperthermia system with high-coercivity nanoparticles
Kiselev M.A. Application of neutron scattering for the problems of drug delivery through the skin
Kuklin A. I., Murugova T.N., Ivankov O.I., Rogachev A.V., Ishchenko A.V., Mishin A.V., Soloviov D.V., Kovalev Yu.S., Gordeliy V.I. The exchange of irons by ferritin: possibility and reality via SANS and SAXS
Melenev P.V., Raikher Yu.L., Perzynski R., Rusakov V.V. Monte Carlo simulation of the magnetic response of the ensemble of interacting nanoparticles
Stolbov O.V., Raikher Yu.L. Simulation of dipolar magnetostriction in soft magnetic elastomers

Poster session

Angelov B., Angelova A., Garamus V.M., Drechsler M. and Lesieur S. Vehicles of a brain lipid self-assembled with a biomimetic neurotrophic peptide
Stepanek M., Angelov B., Ivankov O., Hajduova J., and Slouf M. Co-assembly of double hydrophilic block polyelectrolyte with oppositely charged surfactant  
Anghel L., Balasoiu M., Kovalev Yu.S., Ishchenko L.A.,Stolyar S.V., Raikher Yu.L. Polysaccharide-coated ferrihydrite nanoparticles isolated from a strain of Klebsiella oxytoca  
Balasoiu Gaina A.M., Balasoiu M., Rogachev A.V., Ivankov O.I., Zhigunov A., Bica I. Elastomer matrix structure modifications induced by ferrofluid addition  
Bica I., Bunoiu M., Chirigiu L. Magnetic field effect in a magnetorheological elastomer - based capacitor
Bica I., Bunoiu M., Chirigiu L. Influence of the Magnetic Field upon the Poisson Module of the Anisotrope Magnetoresistor Elastomer
Burylov S.V., Zakhlevnykh A.N. Magnetic-field-induced transitions in soft ferronematics with bistable anchoring on colloidal particles  
Dokukin E.B., Erhan R.V., Islamov A.Kh. Magnetic fractal structure formation in Co-SiO2 nanocomposite systems studied by small-angle neutron scattering
Rogov A.V., Erhan R.V., Ivankov O.I., Soloviov D.V., Sirotin A.P., Kuklin A.I. Optimization of a chopper system for the 4th channel of the IBR-2M pulsed reactor
Gorshkova Yu.E., Kuklin A.I., Gordeliy V.I Unbinding transition of lipid membranes at low concentration of Ca2+ ions
Iacobescu G.E., Bica I., Balasoiu M. Atomic Force Microscopy used to investigate the magnetic and elastic properties of magnetorheological silicone rubber based elastomers
Ivankov O.I., Soloviov D.V., Gorshkova Yu.E., Zhigunov A., Bulavin L.A., Gordeliy V.I., Kuklin A.I. Phase transition in DPPC/POPC lipid mixtures by SANS and SAXS
Ishchenko L.A., Stolyar S.V., Ladygina V.., Bayukov O.A., Iskhakov RS. The biological methods of synthesis of ferrihydrite nanoparticles by Klebsiella oxytoca bacterial culture
Lebedev A.V., Lysenko S.N. Magnetite particles of large-size for magnetic elastomres
Murugova T.N., Ivankov O.I., Ossina N.K., Islamov A. Kh., Zhigunov A.N., Agladze K.I. Structure and properties of aggregates of photosensitive molecules AzoTAB in water solution and complexes AzoTAB with RNA
Petukhova T.B., Sirotin A.P., Kirilov A.S., Veleshki S.I. Software complex SONIX+ : sample environment control at the YuMO spectrometer after the modernization of the IBR-2 reactor.
Tsogbadrakh M., Galbadrakh Ch. and Sangaa D. Yeast Rhodotorulla muciloginosa cell surface changes in response to action of nystatin and low electromagnetic field

Stepanov G.V., Semirenko D.A, Bakhtiiarov A.V., Storozhenko P.A. Magneto-piezoresistive effect exhibited by a magnetoactive elastomer